Cristiano Ronaldo Launches New Herbalife Product

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Herbalife, the world famous nutrition team, and the intercontinental football star Cristiano Ronaldo, announced today that they have prepared a new product jointly – an amazing sports drink by the name of CR7 Drive. In a press conference, the team presented their new product to an eager public.As Ronaldo’s established nutrition backer, CR7 Drive is the crowning jewel in the nutrition company’s connection with its famous athlete and demonstrates months of cooperation between them.

Ronaldo Herbalife

Herbalife has been dedicated to the athlete both on and off the pitch as part of its multi-year arrangement with Ronaldo, and CR7 Drive was created to optimize his performance and handle his unique nutritional needs. Everybody who follows the Real Madrid ace is aware of how much significance he places on his diet and physical conditioning, which has made him one of the greatest superstars in the history of this sport. Ronaldo is very aware of how specially chosen elements can help bolster an athlete’s skill.This amazing new energy drink was initially created for the requirements of Ronaldo, but in fact the demands of athletes all over the world are quite similar – be they professionals or aficionados. It is an incredible pleasure for Herbalife to be able to make such a product available to sports people all over.

“Herbalife recognizes how critical diet is for my performance,” stated Cristiano Ronaldo, forward for Real Madrid C.F.

Ronaldo explained his satisfaction at working with the dedicated researchers and nutrition analysts at Herbalife, and was happy at the complete strategy of developing the unique product – CR7 Drive. “It is a wonderful pleasure to be in a position to help individuals in sports around the world, and to bring these excellent nutrition solutions to them.”

The inspiration for the latest product was to improve the traditional sports beverage by helping it provide more power and energy during physical exertion, and to do so without the inclusion of any artificial additives. Light tasting and relaxing, it will help athletes refuel and rehydrate before and during training. The answer is in the added carbohydrates that will provide additional fuel for working out, and more supplements that replace the key compounds the body wastes by sweating.CR7 Drive is very good for a range of pursuits including: football, spinning, running, or other sports that greatly increase heart rate.

Like all Herbalife24® products, CR7 Drive has been analyzed for all banned ingredients through the NSF Certified for Sport program and meets the stringent standards set forth by the dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices.

A specialized team of experts and doctors work daily with the football star to help him get the finest nutrition every day, and many of the best nutritionists in the world provide him with constant ideas and suggestions on how he can increase his performance with proper supplementation. Out of this relationship, the new supplement, CR7 Drive, was created.

Below is some history on Herbalife:

Herbalife is a global nutrition corporation that has been changing people’s lives with great supplements since 1980.Their nutrition, weight reduction, energy and exercise and personal care solutions are offered entirely to and through committed Independent Herbalife Members in more than 90 states.They are committed to combating the global problems of poor nutrition and excessive weight by supplying high-quality programs, one-on-one mentoring with an Herbalife member and a group that inspires consumers to live a healthy, active life.They maintain the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife projects to help bring effective nutrition to young ones in need.

The business also sponsors around 190 world-class professional athletes, teams and activities around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and stars in many other sports.

Almost 8000 men and women are regularly currently employed by Herbalife, and its stock is traded on the NYSE, with a turnover of USD 5 billion in 2014.

If you wish to learn more about this company, check out this site.

Here is some history for the soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Only a small number of select athletes transcend their sport to become mainstream celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo is placed easily among that small crowd. He has acquired multiple accolades, even from his first professional footsteps playing in Portugal, and has since moved on to be branded the finest player in the world numerous times, as well as win trophies with his clubs in numerous leagues around the world. And he shows no indications of slowing down. Popular the world over for his blistering pace and deadly eye for goal, he has become a critical figure in modern-day soccer.

However, this worldwide success has come at the cost of much adversity. When he was a little more than a youngster, he left his parent’s home in Portugal and moved to the big town to fulfill his dream of playing professional football. In record time, his potential was seen by managers around the world, and supporters loved seeing his lightning pace and breathtaking dribbling that was lighting stadiums on fire.

A great fan of Ronaldo was the renowned Manchester United football team, who brought him over to the UK in 2003. Under the excellent manager’s care, Ronaldo honed his natural ability to become a world-beater.

He was responsible for 110 goals in his 6 years in Manchester, and won an amazing 9 UK and Continental titles.As Cristiano led them, Manchester turned into the dominant team in the world.

That was far from the peak of Ronaldo’s career however.

He was soon made the captain of his native Portugal team that played very well in international contests.He smashed the global transfer record when he moved to Madrid.As the talisman of a Galácticos side frequently filled with the sport’s best talents, Cristiano has attained the pinnacle of the game.

He has been designated the best player in the world on 3 separate occasions, has won the UCL 2 times, and countless leagues, cups and trophies with RM and Man Utd. He is unquestionably one of the best ever players to grace a soccer field.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one player to have claimed the European Golden Shoe 4 times.

Ray Ban Aviators – The Sunglasses Everyone Wants to Wear

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Many little boys fantasized about growing up and becoming famous pilots one day, dashing young men in blue uniforms. The myth of the pilot is very old, stemming from the beginning of the fighter plane squadrons that dominated the skies, and the desire to become a pilot was always on of the favorite daydreams of children the world over. As is usual, once Hollywood took hold of the myth and made movies such as Top Gun, the profession of the pilot has become incredibly dashing and sought after. If you want to know more, check out Sociva u Boji.

That year, when the movie came out, everyone was in love with 3 things – the pilot’s profession, the beautiful Kelly McGillis, and the famous Aviator glasses. In time, the profession became slightly less popular, with movies popularizing the roles of detectives and policemen. Kelly McGillis remained famous, but gradually faded out of the limelight. Everything become just another legend in the golden days of Hollywood, but not one thing – the Aviators. The iconic Ray Bans with the mirrored lenses are still today the most sought after glasses in the world. We can discuss how handsome Tom Cruise was, who deserved to crash in the movie and who did not, which glasses are perhaps more appealing, but we cannot argue with statistics – the Aviators have evolved from the movie screen and into popular legend. Take a closer look at naocare za vid on this page.

These glasses were first made with pilots in mind. There was a need for lens that would diminish the effect of sunlight on the pilot’s sight, which was constantly under strain. As the pilot’s eyesight is crucial for his performance, there was an idea to create glasses that would reflect sunlight in order to keep spare the eyesight and not have it deteriorate with time. Glasses with dimmed lenses were problematic, as they made reading the controls difficult. This problem was solved by a simple solution (that at the time was revolutionary) – gradients. The lens were made darker towards the top, becoming lighter as you went down.

Ray Ban has done its job well in regards to marketing. During the 80s, they worked hand in hand with the movie industry, and insisted that their sunglasses be used in as many scenes as possible. As Top Gun was a movie about pilots, they came up with an amazing campaign that has left the Aviators the most sought after sunglasses even after all these years.



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Herbalife – A Great Solution for Weight Loss and A Healthy Lifestyle

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Herbalife is a global nutrition service which has been transforming people’s everyday lives with fantastic goods from 1980.

Our nutritional, weight reduction, energy, well-being and personal care products are accessible completely to as well as through focused Independent Herbalife Members in more than 90 nations. We are committed to addressing the global excessive weight epidemic by promoting superior solutions, one-on-one guidance with an Herbalife representative and a community which motivates people to live a healthy, active life.

We support the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs and assist to bring great nourishment to youngsters in need. We also support more than 190 world-class athletes, squads and activities all over the planet, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy as well as champions in numerous different activities.

The company includes around 7,800 personnel globally, and its stocks are traded on the N. Y. Stock Exchange with overall sales of $5 billion in 2014.

Can I lose weight while sticking with an Herbalife weight reduction plan?

Taking Herbalife weight reduction solutions mixed with with a healthy diet program and energetic way of living, you may expect moderate fat loss spanning a time period of several weeks. Moderate weight reduction is often described as around a 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week. However, every individual might drop weight at different rates and there might be a range of issues which will impact fat reduction.

These aspects can entail — but are not restricted to — wellness level, body structure, medications, age, eating habits, calorie intake (either too little or too much) and/or training. Since one can find many factors that could influence weight loss, we encourage seeking the guidance of your medical care professional prior to launching a weight loss program.

To help in a conversation with your health care provider, we encourage that you share with him/her the labels of the goods you might want to use. If you or your medical doctor has additional product or substance concerns, remember to consult with us. Medical professionals may also get in touch with us directly.

For more information on dieting and fitness, we welcome you to go to our website at: You need to keep in mind, all the information covered in this blog is for general information and is not planned to be a replacement for advice from your doctor.

Herbalife 24

Athletes under the age of 18 should consult an adult, coach or health care provider prior to making use of any kind of meals or supplements for performance-boosting purposes. Advisors and trainers are required to understand any league-specific, regional or state specifications regarding the arrangement of advice on foods and remedies to sportsmen. While you’ll find no intrinsic safety concerns for minors, these products haven’t been exposed to substantial testing with this specific age group. Therefore, even though there is no definite need for children to stay away from such products and there’s no particular age regulation, Herbalife doesn’t always suggest their use by children.

From improving their disposition, to enhance your everyday life, you could try and find out exactly just how drastically frequent exercise will benefit your way of living.

Should we desire to really feel better, posses increased strength, and potentially also live much longer? The best thing an individual might need to do is exercising. The positive aspects of a daily workout and strenuous activity to your health and fitness can’t ever be underestimated, and people will definitely profit from that, no matter what your generation, gender or strength.

Physical exercise will be able to allow you take on your own body weight, often by making a person get rid of excess bodyweight when you are overweight or maintaining a person’s bodyweight consistent. While you do exercises, you shed fat. The more consuming the training, the more energy from fat we are likely to burn. We usually do not have to set aside a massive level of one’s time for exercise to acquire the weight loss perks. Whenever you are not able to set specific schedules, merely try to become more active for the duration of your day – choose the stairways as a substitute of the elevator, or perhaps become a lot more focused to house cleaning habits.